Our Children and Technology

Raising Generation Tech: Preparing Your Children for a Media-Fueled World by Jim Taylor is a new book on our computing shelves that can help you decide what is best for your child.  While we have other materials about the safety of children when using the internet, this book focuses on popular culture and technology and how they shape children’s lives.  Taylor presents a look at what our media driven society has available and what children need for success.

We know that our children are often more savvy than we are when it comes to the latest tools, but is this good for them?  I’m sure we have all seen toddlers using the apps on cell phones or kid’s games on an iPad, but how much is too much?

Written by a popular writer of parenting books, Raising Generation Tech is sure to give you insight on your child and the latest information on the effects of technology.

For more books by Jim Taylor or more on how to keep your children safe on the internet call The Science and Technology Department at 330-643-9075.


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